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My name is Karlijn. I am a freelance animator and illustrator.
With my art I like to express stories and inspire people.

I've worked for different project over the past few years. During those projects I always strive to find the best visual project for my client. I don't just draw pictures, I think along with the client's wishes and do not shy away from making suggestions. The most important thing is to find that right visual representation, the right story to tell.

If you wish to hire me, please do not hesitate to contact me.


I'm also available for workshops.
- Comics
- Manga
- Animation
- Storyboarding

Contact me for more information
It is possible to follow a single or a series of workshops.


Showreel 2014

This is my most recent showreel. It contains work from different assignments, but also personal work.


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You can contact me via e-mail.

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